The home of the original salumi recipes. A unique country where culture, beauty and passion melt together with the centenary tradition of cured meats production creating a one of a kind incredible taste. Citterio produces the best of the exquisite italian salumi in their birthplaces, with full respect for ancient recipes and genuine quality. From there, they arrive straight to your table.

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Poggio S.Ilario - Felino, Parma - Italy

The dry, delicate air of the rolling hills around Parma is the secret ingredient for the production of one of the world’s most-loved Made in Italy products - but that’s not all. In this beautiful countryside, you’ll find one of our modern production facilities. On the cutting edge of the industry, technologically advanced while respectful of tradition, this factory is environmentally friendly and makes use of renewable energy for its daily operations.

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San Daniele del Friuli, Udine - Italy

The calm waters of the Tagliamento river, the Carnic Alps off in the distance, and the warm colours of the plains: perched on a hilltop, where the fresh, aromatic air of the Alps meets the soft, moist winds of the Adriatic sea, San Daniele contains centuries of history and the secret to its namesake ham. This prosciutto crudo is an Italian specialty famous around the world. But it’s only here, where the moraine land meets the region’s climate, where you’ll find the ideal conditions for curing, giving it a unique, delicate, and slightly sweet flavour.

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In this facility we produce:


Vignola, Modena - Italy

The foothills of the Apennines near Modena, in a healthy, lush area where the world’s most famous cherries are grown and history and culture permeate every corner, are home to Citterio’s baked ham (cotto) and roasts (arrosti). Here, in a place rich with traditions linked to the land and craftsmanship, the unique scents and aromas of Grancotto di Vignola, an Italian ham of superior quality and refined flavours, are born.

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